Guidelines & Eligibility

The Smart Cities-Smart Futures Competition encourages open-ended design thinking and concept-generation in order to bring forward the widest range of innovative concepts for enhancing the lives of Wisconsin residents.  This initiative is designed to create an avenue for bringing innovative concepts of all types forward and to be a catalyst that helps energize a “smart future.”

"SMART" Categories

Carefully review each category and ensure that the topic meets the qualifications for the category in which it is submitted. Content not appropriate to the category may be disqualified from the competition at the discretion of the judges.

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Mobility, Buildings, & Infrastructure
  • Energy/Sustainability
  • Safety/Security
  • Healthcare
  • Agri Tech

Foxconn is particularly interested in concepts that fall into the above categories with the use / application of AI + Industrial AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,  Smart Displays (TFT + LCD), Robotics, Automation, High Performance Computing, Data Center, Data Science, Industrial Automation, 5g, and AR/VR.


All submissions are required to be from Wisconsin-based higher education institutions, including the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and the Wisconsin Technical College System.

The initiative will focus on individuals and teams from the various higher education institutions around the state, including student proposals as well as faculty-led research projects at Wisconsin’s public and private universities and colleges.

  • Wisconsin located public/private universities and colleges
  • Individuals or teams comprised of:
    • Students (undergrad, graduate, doctorate)
    • Faculty including faculty-led research projects
    • Staff
    • Student and/or faculty start-ups


There is no upper limit to the number of unique concepts or plans a contestant may submit. For example, a contestant may submit an AI concept for mobility and an IoT concept for safety/security.

A submission can only be entered under one of the six categories.

The same contestant may submit one, or multiple concepts as an individual or as a team. Be careful: Multiple entries also mean divided time.

However, each submitter can only receive one award for each round. Duplicate awards are not permitted.

Submission Fees

There is no submission cost, this contest is free. All students, faculty and staff can submit ideas and solutions without cost.


Awards are not category-specific. Submissions will be evaluated based on their own merit and winners will be allocated regardless of the category or theme.

Round 1 Finalists will receive $500 and advance to Round 2

Round 2 Winners will receive $2,500

**Additional Awards will be given out to individuals or teams whose concepts include exemplary use / application AI + Industrial AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Smart Displays (TFD + LCD), Robotics, Automation, High Performance Computing, Data Science, Industrial Automation, 5g, or AR/VR**

These Award Winners will receive $5,000

*In the event of errors, discrepancies, challenges, or other issues, Foxconn and/or its evaluation team will make the final decision. While we do our best to keep all contestants informed, awards and competition details may change without notice. 

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