Smart Cities - Smart Futures

The Smart Cities-Smart Futures Competition is an opportunity for college students, faculty and staff to bring their innovative ideas to life. This competition offers a platform where people throughout Wisconsin can submit technology-based inventions, software, applications, and ideas and compete for cash prizes, national recognization, employment opportunities and more.


Think BIG

Have a concept that you think could be the next big idea? The Smart Cities - Smart Futures contest is open to new and creative technology-based ideas to help build a “smart future”. New idea categories include mobility, energy, building, safety, healthcare, agri-tech, and manufacturing industries in Wisconsin.

Submit Your Idea

Visit our website and click the “Submit Idea” button. Completed the online submission form and create an account on Reviewr®. Idea submissions can include essays, examples, videos, and supporting pictures. Once you have successfully submitted your idea, you will want to get to work fine-tuning the “build-out” of your concept. We encourage you and your team to collaborate with peers and the help of your college professors for resources.


After the submission period ends, each of the ideas will be reviewed by our panel of judges over two separate rounds. Contest ideas will be judged on innovation, creativity, impact, and execution. Winners will be selected through a number of categories. Contest finalist will be awarded cash prizes, major notoriety, investor introductions, and potential career opportunities.

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