The expected global market size for smart cities is $1.565 trillion (cumulative) by 2020, out of which smart governance is expected to be about 12% – $180 billion. The market for electronic government services is especially strong in emerging countries which are racing to modernize their public sector and transform citizen service delivery. International institutions

From an environmental and social impact perspective, this year has given the world much to worry about. On track to be the fourth hottest year on record, many countries have grappled with debilitating heat waves, including Japan, where an estimated 80 people died as a result of soaring temperatures. These abnormally high temperatures combined with

Smart cities come in all forms, shapes and sizes, and no one approach to infusing connected technology into a city’s operations is right for every locality Cities can use IoT to make trash collection more efficient. Photo credit: People Images/Getty Images However, there are some common use cases and best practices that all cities looking to become

Hannah Kaner, smart cities strategist at Orange Bus, argues in Information Age that when it comes to optimising citizen interaction with smart city development, we must target areas of the city where services are failing and address inclusivity. With careful design and strategy now, we can create a future where the bar for reaching independence

The West End is about to get its latest infusion of innovation. It will soon be home to a smart park, serve as the focal point of a case study for smart city technology and connect to Victory Park via a newly illuminated path. The developments are all happening in what is called the Dallas

Foxconn Technology Group recently launched its “Smart Cities – Smart Futures” initiative in which the company will provide up to $1 million in prizes over the next three years to students, faculty and staff at Wisconsin colleges who generate winning ideas for projects to help develop needed housing, infrastructure and other systems. At a press

Urban areas are centers of convergence where homes, businesses, and civic functions intersect. Every city on the planet, from San Francisco to Beijing, wrestles with the same set of questions: how do we make cities safer, cleaner, better places to live, work, and play? With urbanization on the rise, the answers to these questions will

Foxconn Technology Group, a Taiwan based company and often termed as a futuristic employer, has announced a Smart Cities-Smart Futures Challenge in Wisconsin. The announcement was made in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus and the company hopes that the faculty and students will help Foxconn make another major splash as a futuristic company through its

Almost five years ago, amidst the initial hype of the technology-driven “smart city,” we published a report urging cities to take a step back. While talking to the early digital pioneers within city government, these leaders expressed to us that technological development was happening faster than their agencies could keep up. In response, we proposed judging “smartness”

CITY OF PEWAUKEE — In order to train the many skilled workers needed for the Foxconn project, the Foxconn Training Center has been created on its development site in Mount Pleasant. Lead contractors, Gilbane Building Company and Hoffman Construction, Wisconsin Operating Engineers Local 139, the Wisconsin Building Trades Council, Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Case IH,

Smart cities would not only be about interconnected technological systems, futuristic constructions, automation and advanced mobility but also equally about a smart living experience and wellbeing of the residents. At the heart of the smart city ecosystem would be citizen safety, security and providing a holistic citizen satisfaction. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of

It was a nerdy idea. The term smart city originally meant little beyond using much more information technology IT. However, new IDTechEx Research report, Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2019-2029 reveals that much more dramatic changes are both required and possible and humans will be in the driving seat, even demanding and gaining “feel

Smart cities are providing various sectors with new opportunities, and not just those associated with tech. The smart city revolution shall affect all business sectors, and they have to be ready for it. With enhanced street infrastructure, 5G and IoT implemented into office spaces, smart cities are set to transform the entire business world as

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Futurists, visionaries and tech companies for years have painted a captivating picture of smart cities — communities that leverage technology to make citizen’s lives easier and totally connected. Take Baltimore for example. The city has partnered with Ecube Labs to deploy trash bins that notify garbage trucks when full, making collection routes more efficient and

Sustainability is now the cornerstone of any forward-thinking city. It is estimated that by 2050, the world’s population will have increased by 33%, with nearly 70% of those living in urban environments. Cities are under pressure to find sustainable solutions to modern living which means overcoming a range of challenges surrounding urban growth, transportation, carbon

New forms of shared mobility, including car sharing, e-hailing, and pooled e-hailing, have already taken off in cities around the world. We have therefore included them among the smart city applications in our projections in our most recent research, Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future. But they are merely a sign of even bigger things

Foxconn’s director of U.S. initiatives, Alan Yeung, suggests the company’s initial $10 billion investment in Racine County will grow. He said yesterday the company’s planned $10 billion investment is going into just “a fraction” of the 128 million square-foot Mount Pleasant development. “It’s probably going to take more than $10 billion in terms of investment,”

Foxconn Technology Group will make $200,000 in prizes available over three rounds of competition during the coming school year as part of its Smart Cities, Smart Future initiative. Alan Yeung announces Foxconn’s Smart Cities, Smart Future initiative on May 10. Alan Yeung, Foxconn director of U.S. strategic initiatives, announced details for the contest Tuesday as

Education, business and government leaders came together Tuesday at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to discuss smart cities. The Wisconsin Idea Smart Future Summit featured guest speakers and panels. Many of the discussions focused on how smart technology can improve operations and enhance the quality of life for residents around the world. Racine Mayor Cory Mason

Foxconn Technology Group wants its host communities in Wisconsin to be just as impressive as its planned $10 billion LCD screen manufacturing complex in the Village of Mt. Pleasant. To that end, it’s searching for ways to improve work and living environments through the use of innovative technologies. The Taiwan-based tech giant announced a competition

Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn) announced the formal launch of its “Smart Cities—Smart Futures” initiative during a Smart Futures Summit at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside today.  Foxconn unveiled a new website for the competition and encouraged students, faculty and staff at Wisconsin’s universities, colleges and technical schools to “jump into the future” and harness their creativity

Foxconn Technology Group formally launched its “Smart Cities – Smart Futures” initiative Tuesday and unveiled a website for the competition. The company will provide up to $1 million in prizes over the next three years to students, faculty and staff at Wisconsin colleges who generate winning ideas. “The competition is aimed at finding innovative ways that technology

Foxconn’s top U.S. executive brought the Foxconn story and the company’s vision for Wisconsin to a statewide science and technology symposium at UW-Parkside Tuesday. Alan Yeung, director of Foxconn’s U.S. strategic initiatives, urged the audience to judge Foxconn and the state’s investment in it, by considering the facts. “If you listen to some of the

A Wisconsin Smart Cities-Smart Future summit drew a brain trust of educators, administrators, economic development officials and lawmakers to derive creative ideas for the Foxconn Technology Group’s $10 billion manufacturing campus and satellite locations throughout the state. Hosted by the University of Wisconsin System at UW-Parkside, the summit was a one-day affair featuring education, government

Foxconn Technology Group Tuesday formally launched its “Smart Cities—Smart Futures” initiative during a summit at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The initiative was announced in May at UW-Parkside. Foxconn is committing $1 million in award prizes over the next three years to the initiative, which aims to generate new ideas from Wisconsin students, faculty and staff

How can private enterprise help local governments innovate? Mark Thomas reports from the World Cities Summit in Singapore. Imagine you’re a mayor. Your city is growing faster than you can build the things you need to support the growth, or you’re shrinking and trying to incentivise new industry. Either way, you can’t get the funding

Artificial intelligence is increasingly embedded in our consumer and business lives, and it is poised to transform how societies function in the years to come. Yet universities are not adequately preparing students for a changing world. To better prepare students for a changing world, AI needs to be increasingly embedded into higher education. For students,

Innovation in last mile freight and parcel delivery solutions could yield significant benefits for cities by reducing traffic congestion in urban centers, improving public health by lessening greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and contributing to the success of sustainable urban economies. What is Last Mile Delivery? From a manufacturer’s plant or warehouse or a supplier or

The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G promises to deliver a time of unprecedented connection and automation. What does this mean and how will it impact our daily reality? We’ve collected subject matter experts who share their insights and perspectives and how connected technology is transforming communities. We hope you will be inspired by these smart people

It’s time to take a step back from the noise and hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses have been inundated with AI sales pitches promoting the technology’s potential to automate tasks, increase speed and accuracy and cut costs. But what’s the long-term plan? Most businesses lack a vision of how AI will transform their operations. Developing

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